(this is ben, so don't expect blogging perfection.)

such an interesting day. shauna is as sick as she's been since we've been married. while seeing some improvements yesterday, it's been a rough day today. we are ready to have her back to full health and ready to resume "normal" life around here. the boys have been great about things. everyone has been gracious as we we've had to cancel plans and appointments. please pray with us for shauna to be completely recovered soon.

on the other end of the spectrum, we heard from our adoption agency today. we were told that the orphanage director has informed our agency that he will be sending out K's referral tomorrow. this is huge! with her referral, we are due to receive:

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her picture, her personality info, her history, and her medical report. there are 2 major prayers regarding this:

1)that he will really send it tomorrow.

2)that he will send it by email rather than fedex or regular mail. so far, he has always chosen to communicate by phone rather than email. so pray that he will send this by email.

hopefully the next time you read this blog, shauna will be the healthy blogger and she'll be communicating about the great news of receiving the referral. until then, we wait and pray!