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all within a few “oh my goodness” minutes, she texts to tell me that her kids are telling her things about k.

{this would be the family who has recently adopted from the same orphanage as k. their kids are smita and ajay}

then i hear her voice on the phone say, “smita wants to tell you about your daughter!”

naturally and overwhelmingly tears begin to flow as i hear a little indian voice on the other side say,

“k is my best friend. i love you.”

oh. my. no. words. i'm. silent. i'm talking with k's best friend!

i ask if we can face time so i can see all of their faces and have ben and the boys join me.

with little, yet quick english, smita repeats over and over that k is her best friend!

we begin to ask questions.

 tell us about the school. what grade is k in?

k is in first class {we think that means grade}. she goes to english medium school and another school. the same for smita. smita is one grade ahead of k and is a year older.

tell us more about k.

she laughs alot. she cries when she gets a shot. she licks her hands when she is done eating. and that makes smita laugh too! she sings songs.

i grab my smartphone and hold it up to the ipad where we are facetiming. it’s a picture of k. the kids scream and point with glee! oh, they recognize their friend, our daughter.

with the help of amanda, we know...

the kids watch lots of tv!

they sit on the floor to eat.

smita chimes in...

she and k eat with both their hands and fork.

that’s when k licks her hands and smita laughs!

ajay, smita’s older brother, bounces in to tell us something astounding...

the sleeping order has been “ajay, smita, k!”

yes, these three have slept by each other probably for a few years!

he keeps saying it, “ajay, smita, k,” and using his hands to show the order. one beside the other.

how amazing!

smita and ajay would refer to us as k’s mommy and daddy and point to the boys and call them k’s brothers. they already see us as a family for her. though we are certain that k has no idea of any of this.

we learn more from k’s friends...

they sleep in toddler beds. they eat three meals a day and one snack. they eat very spicy food. they love warm milk in the mornings. the same caregiver for smita is the same caregiver for k. she cares for three girls and they have three outfits they share between them. amanda has met this woman that has and continues to look after our daughter. we can’t wait to thank her!

we continued to talk and smile big and listen. amanda would share more tidbits of information as the kids planted kisses every few seconds on her cheeks. she encourages us to ask the orphanage director, mr. p, about k’s name. he tends to give the children a name when they arrive at the orphanage and he chooses their name because of its meaning. oh, we can’t wait to learn more!

just as we are amazed at how God would connect our two families, He had our kids connected to each other for the past several years! and it’s just beginning. when we get our daughter home, she’ll be able to see her best friend again! because it just so happens that smita and ajay now live in the same state as my extended family!

we continue to wait and pray for two approvals - the state approval and the federal approval. pray for favor with the committees that grant these and that they will meet very soon.

afterwards, our case goes to 3-5 courts. then we receive written orders. then the orphanage director applies for her passport. then we travel!

her birthday was monday, january 6.

we celebrated her all day and pray she was honored by those closest to her.

those of you in the adoption process or who have adopted, share something encouraging that God did to blow you away as you waited...