more than a week of trying.

a*man got someone on the phone.

our paperwork has been received.

we are in line.

we don't know where we are in line.

we don't know how many families are ahead of us.

we don't know how many orphans are there.

we're told that it's a large orphanage - 

a guess of a hundred or so children.

we know that india is committed to put 80% of their orphans back into indian society and 20% are adopted internationally. 

the government website says that 2,000-3,000 were adopted in country last year and 500 internationally.


looking at the glass half empty,

we assumed this information already.

we had hoped for more.


looking at the glass half full,

they know our names. 

they are busy taking care of the children 

and paused for a moment to reassure our agency that indeed, 

they are aware of us.


we had thought the waiting from september til now was hard.

the wait from here on out is even more unknown for there is nothing on the horizon in the way of communication. 

our agency will email every 6 months if need be to check on progress.

our assigned orphanage will contact our agency when they have a referral for us.


i find myself looking across a large body of water and seeing a brick wall. i have no idea what's on the other side, but know that i am too far away to obtain it. 

so i look up rather than across.

for the God who sees me, sees her.

i don't have to know what's taking place on the other side, but to trust and believe that He is at work.

yet we keep praying.

we keep in touch with other families adopting from india.

we keep loving her.

we're looking at the glass half full.