one phone call. our adoption agency gets one phone call with our orphanage before a referral is made. this seems harsh, but otherwise orphanages would be bombarded with anxious calls from agencies who are being bombarded with anxious call from parents-in-waiting. our assigned orphanage has not replied to emails from awaa, so the call will be made some time this week or next. the main purpose is for awaa to confirm that the orphanage does indeed have our dossier and that we are in line for a referral. but we hope and pray for more.
oh, any word would do. for we are so far away. we can't get to her right now. we aren't telling her the sweet truths we are telling our boys. we don't know her name. we don't know how much longer. but we hope and pray for more.we hope and pray that a*man who makes the phone call on our behalf will be bold, persistent, respectful, and direct. that he will be thorough in his questions and clear in what he is wanting to know. that he will convey how much awaa wants to serve them and their children and serve us as a family.

we hope and pray that the person or persons at the orphanage who answer the phone are not in a hurry. have the time to talk. have knowledge of our dossier. are familiar with our paperwork. are compassionate. are eager to make a referral for us. are insightful and willing to share information with a*man.

we hope and pray. that God is moving heaven and earth to see this little girl rescued and brought to our family very soon. that this little girl knows right now that she is loved and beautiful and has purpose and meaning.

will you hope and pray with us this week? our day is india's night. our night is india's day. this phone call could be made at any moment.