it's always a therapeutic gift to share with you our adoption process, our adoption story. ben and i are overjoyed that you listen, pray, support, and deeply care for us and for k.

we know we have four major steps left before we travel to get our girl.

the ARC (adoption recommendation certificate)

this is issued by a state committee that approves us for adoption.

the NOC (no claims certificate)

this is issued by CARA, the national adoption council. we've been told that k will learn of us once this certificate is issued. we will then be able to send her a photo book.

then the dossier (our detailed paperwork) and the CSR (K's detailed paperwork) with both committee's approvals returns to the orphanage director where he works with a local lawyer to get us at least 3 court dates.

three or so court dates

our orphanage director serves as our power of attorney as our paperwork is approved by a local judge.

from what we are hearing, these dates are scheduled all within a month.

passport application

once court is complete, all paperwork is sent back to the orphanage director, who then, goes to the passport office to apply for K's passport. it is during this time that our agency, AWAA, works with us to schedule flights, hotels, and transportation. we also use this time to apply for our visas. this will also be the time we plan mimi's trip to stay with the boys while we are gone.

here's what we know...

there is still no definite timeline! that shouldn't shock me nor you at this point! we are hopeful and pray that we will travel at the first of 2014. this is not based on anything other than our heart's desire and what we sense are taking place with other people's timelines.

just this past week, the orphanage director sent us k's medical certificate that we had to sign, date, and get notarized. this is needed for the ARC. we are hopeful that the ARC is ready to meet for our case and this was a necessary document for moving forward. we have no concrete knowledge about their meetings, which can drive me crazy, if i let it!

from other families adopting from india from the states, it seems that the NOC is being issued within 1-3 weeks.

we have recently connected with two families who are adopting children from k's orphanage! one family has traveled to get their daughter. you can follow their story here. the other family is adopting a brother and sister and they are awaiting court completion. prayerfully they will travel before this year ends. if we have completed the NOC by the time they travel, they will be able to speak to k and give her things from us. we pray so. they have also told us they will silently voice

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a prayer over her while they are there. {tears} our God is so good to chose to use people to bless us.

this is good for our soul. we thank God for these friends, whom we have never met, but connect with often through phone calls, emails, texts, and blogs.

another blessing in watching these two families is that they are having influence with our shared orphanage director. he knows that our families are friends, though we've yet to meet! and thinking ahead, i long for the day we can reunite our four children who all lived together in the same orphanage.

some dear friends recently gave us a financial gift specifically for k's bedding, bed, and mattress. thank you so much. we went ahead and set up her room as we are to take pics and include it in her photo book.

DSC_1076 DSC_1078

because of the parkison family who have traveled to the orphanage recently, we know that there are 100 children living there. 95 girls. 5 boys. one of these boys is being adopted by one of the families mentioned above. girls are not as wanted by poorer families as they know that they will have to pay a dowry for their marriage. boys are responsible for helping their families out in the future. girls are considered a burden. boys are considered a blessing. many families have no choice but to give their girls away.

the orphanage is very sterile and clean.

a bell rings and children come to eat. they eat on the floor.

school-aged children are not taught english. they know the state language.

from what the parkison's saw on their brief tour of the orphanage, there is little color, no toys, and a strict environment.

that's where k lives.

oh that we will get her soon.

thank you for praying.

i beg you to pray for the ARC to meet soon, if they haven't met already and for the process to continue to move along quickly and favorably.

continue to pray for k's heart. pray for her as she learns of us.

pray for unity to begin in all 6 of our hearts for each other.