2.11.14 {an adoption update}


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“I know that you {GOD} can do all things, and that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted." {Job 42.2}

praise God.

we are back in court 20 with a new female judge.

this literally could have taken months to be rescheduled. and it's certainly not over.

we have a hearing scheduled for tomorrow {again, that's evening tonight here in the US}

we are #113 on her list.

it could take a week for the judge to even hear our case. we expect to move up her list.

we also know that this is the first time this judge has heard our case and could require more than one hearing.

the past few days have been dark and oppressive. i'm not going to lie.

it's because He's holding onto us that we continue to persevere.

you are praying and encouraging and we feel it.

i have made myself read Scripture.

i have told my soul to praise Him for He is good.

i have asked the boys to pray at bedtime and on the way to school because their faith is stronger than mine right now.

ben, while feeling the same thing, has encouraged me.

we cannot hope in our circumstances. we must only hope in God.

you have been so faithful in praying. 
it is with such joy to share this update. 
please pray for the judge. her initials are H.I.B. 
pray she judges favorably for our case. pray for her health. 
pray for our lawyer. pray for k.