awaa, our adoption agency, plus hundreds others,

join with cara (central adoption resource authority) which falls under the ministry to women and children of the indian government

for a summit today.

we are praying over their discussions.

their conversations over tea.

pray over the schedule here.

our coordinator, God-willing, will speak to orphanage personnel that are present.

she will also meet with a*man for training...

more specifically to train him on his upcoming visit to our orphanage!

as of today, we are not aware that a*man's trip has been booked to our orphanage. we hope to hear something next week.

one way to pursue faith in God is to pray consistently.

pray believing.

pray never giving up.

the 5 of us pilgreens are believing God for the impossible.

we center our lives around the One who can make this adoption possible.

continue to join us in believing God.

pray along with us:

God, as Your Word speaks of Abraham, he believed You and it was counted to him as righteousness. we, collectively, believe in You. we are trusting You to be in control of every conversation, every movement, every decision taking place at the summit in delhi right now. only You can arrange the right people to meet each other. only You can bring about the change to see more orphans adopted into loving families. only You can work through red tape, politics, and policies. we want to be about investing in eternity and these children are eternal beings. bring our family and our daughter together very soon. do the same miraculous work for other families adopting in india. we believe You for the impossible. in Your powerful Name we pray, amen.