2 gifts God gave Mary {the mother of Jesus}

fairmont christmas tree

these two cousins.

these two girls.

an unexpected journey for both.

Elizabeth and Mary.

one was barren, yet now pregnant. one was a virgin, yet now pregnant.


Mary asked the question, "how can this be?"

God doesn't always answer the how question.

He does often talk about Himself instead.

I will be with you.

I will never leave you.

I am your Prince of Peace.

I am your Wonderful Counselor.

I will be your Guide when you pass through the waters. 

I will overshadow you.

He's in the business of overshadowing, not over-answering. 


when the angel confronted Mary in that moment, through the Most High,

God gave Mary two gifts:

1. the Holy Spirit will do it.

that's heavenly activity.

2. you'll have a friend on the journey.

that's earthly encouragement.

Mary had to do her part: obedience and surrender. But God is always faithful with His part. when He calls us to something, He is the One held responsible to see it through. we must do ours: obedience and surrender.

when God called us to san francisco, we said yes, just our family, knowing He was with us. yet, He gave us three other families who would pack up their belongings and move west.

when God called us to adopt, we said yes, just the two of us, knowing He was with us. yet, our three boys jumped on board in the beginning, another church family has adopted, and we are a part of a network of families who are adopting from India. {interestingly, many are named amanda and kristen!}


Mary finished her conversation with the angel, but then RAN to Elizabeth. i'm certain she needed to be with someone with skin on. and i'm certain it was good for her to process out loud what had just taken place in her little room.

and Elizabeth was everything Mary needed with skin on. because she was obedient on her faith journey, she was ready to encourage Mary on hers.

"And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord.” {Luke 1.45}

that's what Elizabeth told Mary.

we need that friend on the journey who is walking obediently and challenges us to do the same. 

who is that for you?

they are a gift from God. let them know that today.

these two cousins.

these two girls.

brought the messenger and the Savior into the world.

not at all what they planned for. not at all what they expected.

but that's just how God works.


 unexpected adventure awaits you. it will require obedience and surrender.

but know that the Holy Spirit will accomplish it through you.

that's heavenly activity.

and there's a high possibility you'll receive earthly encouragement along the way.