2010 Christmas Snapshots

Our Christmas in snapshots...

{mimi and pops at georgia aquarium}

{one of a zillion fish swimming about at the aquarium}

{giving gj gifts at pilgreen christmas}

{emily and eva enjoying delicious hor' deurves at erin's house on christmas eve}

{lindsey and erin...look at those glows!}

{sam's facial commentary of the fish}

{katie and ella}

{oohs and aahs over the sharks and whales}

{conversations abound in pockets all over the strickland house at rainwater christmas}

{jeremy and dave relive lego days with elijah}

{natalie and michael talking about who knows what}

{jonah and rex, his juvenile bearded dragon}

{eva celebrates her first birthday}

{sam and joe, just 4 months apart}

{boys enjoying their 3 gifts at christmas the night before we flew to the east coast}