happy new year, friends!

i'm so grateful for the stories we've shared in 2013 and am excited for what God has in store this year.

as i ask God, 'what would You have me write?', i am listing some of my favorite posts from the past year.

posts that i vividly recall writing in the late evenings with the lamp on and the kids in bed and those 'ah-ha' moments when i my hands could not type as fast as I wanted of them.


saddam's story

why we love a child who lives far from us and at the same believing God has special plans for his life.

finding your sweet spot

you were created for something beautiful and sweet! are you living it? discover your sweet spot!

dear newlywed…a long overdue note

a letter to myself some thirteen years ago. a letter about marriage and life with my husband.

learning of our daughter

a post that documents our first learning of our daughter in india. we're believing this is the year we will become her forever family.

i think of you as i write each post. i'm glad you meet me here. i'm asking God to speak creativity and His Words as this year begins...

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let's enjoy the beginning of the new year today...