i get to write a book!

did you join me in 2007 when i started blogging as an outlet through toddlerhood in the midwest?

did you get front row seats in 2010 as we moved to san francisco to launch a church?

did you follow us to india and back in 2012-2015 as we adopted kavita? 

some of you have been with me for quite some time and others are new. but for all of you, i've got another exciting place to go and i need you with me more than ever!

what if i told you that i get to write a book? what if i told you that it will be published and available spring 2019? what if it is a book that tells the stories of how we live in san francisco? what if i'm crazy enough to believe that what God has done in and around us is possible in and around you?

i'm just that crazy enough to believe this! so is revell books! i've just signed the contract and i'm honored to be a part of the team. i'll be spending this fall and early winter writing the manuscript and in a posture of listening to the Spirit as He and i write this story.

i will be faithful to meet you here weekly. to encourage you in the places God has you. i've got so much to share with you still. i want you to keep dropping by, but i want to see if you might do more this season. 

would you share the blog with your friends so more can discover that where we live matters? 

and most importantly, will you pray? i want to be obedient with the story God is writing in my heart as i convey it in print and i don't want to type one word without the Spirit leading and guiding me. i need discipline and His voice. 

only God can write this story! and you need to know i'm going to share so much more with you in the days and weeks to come...make sure you've subscribed - i don't want you to miss out on this!