turning 40

40 is not a big deal if you've already passed over. it's no longer a big deal to me either. i'm crossing over today. 

but if it's on the horizon -- if it's still in front of you -- ah, yes, you're the one i'm writing to. (40 year olds and up, stand with me as the COUNSEL of THOSE WHO HAVE GONE BEFORE)

here are my 40isms...

1. treat sleep as a gift rather than something you have to do. 

2. have a set wake up time and bedtime. your body will rejoice with each passing year that you don't spring on surprises. 

3. make up your bed when you get out of it. 

4. if you do anything in your day, make sure you read Scripture. it's the truest Word you will hear. 

5. keep the art going of hand written notes. in a texting world, they are received with more meaning now. 

6. laugh. at yourself and surrounded by others who refuse to take life too seriously.

7. stand in the sunlight. momma says its full of vitamin d. 

8. it doesn't hurt to ask. you might end up with a room with a view or a bigger discount.

9. record your gratitudes. air write them in the sky as they take place. 

10. print pictures and display them. stored pictures are just that until they are forced to be deleted. 

11. hand holding is a supernatural way of sharing powers between souls. 

12. love someone not like you at all and send that high horse running off into the sunset. 

13. common ground is sacred ground.

14. throw that person a party. it will be a memory never forgotten.

15. prepare for the next day on the previous day. you'll be way ahead if you do.

16. a burning candle will make a home appear clean.

17. if you collect anything. collect books.

18. home decor is what society uses to beautify homes. ebenezer stones are the stories on display through artwork, nature, photographs, tangibles from afar and gifts from friends. 

19. figure out what fits and order another when it wears out. particularly with shoes and jeans. no need to search for alternatives. 

20. not one sunset is like another. it takes with it the memories of that day.

21. when you find "that" place that is like no other, return often.

22. cheerleading is a far superior sport to comparing.

23. it's a good thing not to be the same person you were one, five or ten years ago.

24. glean from the culture you visit. bring it home as a gift.

25. baggage claim stickers are small, but significant. 

26. a bathtub can be a vacation inside the house.

27. chocolate eaten slowly triggers the "all is well" button in the soul. 

28. riding bikes is a necessary means back to your childhood.

29. your passion for life can be found on your business card. if not, get another business card. 

30. carry with you a pack of crackers or granola bar. someone you see might be hungry today.

31. fallen leaves should come standard on sidewalks. 

32. grow a tribe that laughs the loudest and gives the most and thinks the brightest and serves the least of these.

33. everything has a home. trash can and recycling bin are homes too.

34. sponsor a child and go bigger...fulfill their dream by stepping into their world one day. 

35. post-it notes are the way of the future. 

36. ideas are worth sharing and borrowing, but not if it keeps you from being you. (that child's first birthday, that homecoming invitation, that bridal shower)

37. go out of your way to honor the generation before you in ways they understand.

38. let the younger generation know that you see them and are cheering for them. 

39. sprinkle cinnamon in your coffee grounds. just do.

40. invite someone or somebodies over for a meal. pizza does wonders. 

i'd love to know your favorite 40ism on the list! let's celebrate life today!