FREE {a summer series}

my free-spirited friends, you've waited for this post! and my type-As like me start twitching over an idea that has no boundaries!

i think what i offer you will help us all...

free space.

Dolores Park

you can interpret this a number of ways. 1) you can do something for free by finding what your city has to offer. 2) you can see this as one you get to create. 3) you can see it as i could only come up with 11 so the 12th is one you!

we have an incredible program through our public library called discovery and go that gives free/discounted passes for nearby attractions and museums. we're headed to the exploratorium in our city. check your local library for passes. many museums will offer free days for their community. 

if you’re stumped, here are a few more ideas:

invite the neighbors over or out for ice cream. homemade or store bought.

donate books, donate food to food bank, donate furniture, toys.

read the Sunday newspaper.

create notecards and package them for a women's shelter, prison, or nursing home. 

make teacher bags.

people watch. what are inside the invisible talk bubbles above their head?  (my mother-in-law and grandmother would be so proud!)

what will you decide to do? i can't wait for your response! 

tell us now in the comments below or surprise us with a picture on social media.

don't forget the hashtag so we can find you! #lovewhereyoulive