What's making the headlines where you live?

What's making the headlines where you live?

Yes, this is an actual, physical paper that we get delivered to our house every day. Cities, towns, and communities still do this sort of thing! It’s our way of doing less on our devices and keeping our family connected to community. Sometimes the great stories of kindness are on the news and in the paper, yet more often, they are neglected for the evil that seems to be winning.

I want to tell you a few stories that are making the headlines! These stories have been sent in and tracked down as we, together, learn to love the places we call home.


If you could describe the most humble, quiet, gentle spirit where you live, who would it be? Someone who celebrates others and never wants the spotlight? Meet our friend and neighbor, Kellie. For the past 23 years, she has spent her days raising kids, supporting her husband, and loving her neighbors. All off the grid with not a single instagram post to draw attention to her everyday life. Kellie recently opened a gift shop and cafe in her neighborhood - one that is up and coming. Kellie and her family see what most of humanity doesn’t see. They see potential in what others call bleak. They see the faces rather than the status. They see light. And when they step into it, the street gets even brighter! Recently, Kellie made the headlines where we live - the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle! Way to go, Kellie! If you’re a local or coming for a visit, make sure to stop by Mission Blue Cafe in Visitacion Valley neighborhood.

Let this be on repeat: We don’t do things to get noticed. We do things because it’s right and that gets the attention of the One Who matters most and Who delights in blessing obedience.


Do you remember Adi, Flore, Florin, and Nico from Love Where You Live: How to Live Sent in the Place You Call Home? These two couples had every reason to move far away when communism fell in Eastern Europe. They stayed. They didn’t give up. They looked around them and got to work. Love led the way. Love keeps leading the way! They started a church and through the church they meet the needs of their community in the Name of Jesus. And like Jesus, their hearts are drawn to the forgotten, the broken, and the poor.

Adi writes this from Oradea, Romania, “thank you for the book and for so much more than that. It is much more than ‘I like it.’ It has reignited in me the understanding of the real blessing that flows from living a life of purpose and joy in the place we are called to live. It feels so good to see that there are others who believe in the same calling and live life according to the same principles we do. I love your passion for the people. You represent Christ with honor. I am refreshed in my motivation to live my life for others, for Him, for the sake of a real Kingdom of live.

Above, we are showing the love by renovating a community center for young people with autism. AND WE LOVE IT!

Let this be on repeat: Our stories are continuing stories! What God has started, He will complete! I’m so glad Adi is reminding us not to give up on our communities, but to continue to serve.

If you’re wondering if you should tell that person that you saw that act of kindness or that you see how those parents are exercising such grace and patience with their kids - you must! If you're enjoying a good book or are grateful for the person at the front desk, let them know it!

This is my note from a reader:

Hello Shauna, I just shared your book with our pastor today. And my husband and I ordered 3 books one for him and the elders. Just thought you would enjoy knowing how much of an impact your book is making. I am on my third time through mine! It speaks to me every time! I have shared it at a restaurant with my neighbors and this Friday we are doing a pizza meet the neighbors on a street near the church ....God is using you mightily!!!!️. Kathy Johnson

Kathy, I do enjoy this! Very much so! Keep them coming! I’m praying for pizza night: God, bless pizza night and the Johnsons. Give people courage to show up. Give people courage to stay and push through awkward and get to know one another. Use this as a catalytic moment to sink roots deeper, build relationships, and display Your love. In Jesus’ Name, we pray together, Amen. (Shauna)

Pizza night was a huge success! They’ve decided to do it again - this time they’re serving pizza to the Police and Fire Dept. in North St. Paul.

Let this be on repeat: Speak that encouragement. You never know what kind of day someone is having and this just might be what helps them over the mountain.

And if you want to love where you live, give a little effort. Pizza works wonders! Me and Kathy are cheering you on.

What kindness headline would you put on the front page of your local paper?

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