i've been at this place before.

so have you.

that place where you're wanting so much to have good news.

that place where you're tired of waiting.

that place that keeps repeating itself.

that place where you're just over it. like over it yesterday.

but here we are.

a holding pattern is what the pilot would call it.

the sidelines is where the coach would say we are.

a plateau is where we stand. {i'm sitting down right now, so feel free to join me.}

we've climbed the jagged rocks that seemed impossible and now we find ourselves with wide-open flatness.

waiting on God.

for we've done everything humanly possible.

we're continuing to tap into the heavenlies.

asking. praising. pleading. interceding. quieting.

but here we are.

as for me,

i'm tired of waiting.

sitting on the sidelines, my little girl grows distant in my heart.

i can't feel her like i could a month ago.

i give myself a break in the waiting to be more present elsewhere,

but then the evening comes and the enemy-thwarted guilt reminds me there's a girl over there that i can't hold tonight.

what are we to do?

prayer becomes the greatest fighting mechanism.

what was once a last resort or a cop-out when i didn't have the better answer has become my sword. my weapon of defense and offense.

on this plateau.

on the sidelines.

in this holding pattern.

we're fighting through prayer.

we're believing when we can't, He can.

tomorrow our agency will reach out a third time to k's government. 

to ask about our case.

they have our appeal letters. 

this committee has countless people praying over them. 

join us in offering up believing prayers. barefoot prayers.

Jesus, the One doing the fighting for us, is enough in the place we find ourselves.

He's more than enough.

whatever place you find yourself today, know that He's enough for you. i'm counting on Him too.

considering adoption or in the process? follow our timeline and read why we are on this journey.