3 steps forward {an adoption update}


three steps forward!

three different people.


mr. p gave k our photo book! this means she knows of us. sometime in december or january, the orphanage director let her see the book. we just found out last week. we know it's not something she keeps with her, but either her caregiver or orphanage staff set time aside to prepare her for this life change and explain the book to her.

i can't imagine what this means for k...

a family is pursuing her.

she's being adopted.

there's a woman called mom and a man called dad and three boys called brothers.

while she's discovering and imagining us, it means we pray for her sweet dreams.

that part of the day when she is not playing with friends. when she's not learning, not eating.

that part of the day when she's still and when her mind can hope and wonder and dream.

that's the part of our day when we're driving to school, when we ask God to graciously give her sweet dreams.

dreams of united hearts.

wonders of love from family.

hope that we're coming soon.


another step forward as someone, some committee has asked for updated physicals from myself and ben. it is always excitingly annoying to do additional paperwork, search for mobile notaries, and drive to sacramento. if you've waited for something…ever…you know excitingly annoying. you appreciate it with grinding-your-teeth-gratitude, then gratitude wins and your teeth relax and you jump in and get it done. 

consensus from other adoption families is that this request is a good thing. that the SARA committee is probably reviewing our case. then CARA will review our case. then it goes to court. these committee approvals are monumental as they look seriously over our dossier and k's paperwork.

what typically takes 10-12 business days to schedule a physical, get lab/blood work tested, align the schedule of the physician and the notary public, drive and receive secretary of state approval, ship documents to east coast - took 4 days! paperwork should be in india next week. we're hoping the 2 committee approvals we've been waiting on since october will come this month. believe with us.


 the boys have been in this process with us since we submitted the application in april 2012. they have prayed for her. written notes. helped get her room ready. asked us questions. had dreams of her.

just this week, a friend gifted k her baby doll. the boys held it like it was real. they stared at it like they've never seen one before. the baby doll was passed around as if it were made of glass. together they were amazed that the eyes would open and close as they titled it down and up. a picture to me of how delicate they will be with k at the beginning. {no worries with giving them time to all warm up with one another and we'll see a different side to everyone!}

first doll in the house. oh boy! all 6 of us are in for some fun! and it hasn't even begun...

3 steps forward.

3 major steps left to go (ARC/NOC approvals, court, passport)

i can't wait to let you know when we get these approvals! 
pray with us. 
pray for k's sweet dreams.