31 Days in the City: Introduction

What better way to get to know our new city than exploring and discovering in our first 31 days!? I have done research into what is free, discounted, and kid-friendly and made a list of what we want to see and discover. Of course, weather determines much in this city, as well as, public transit or how long our feet can walk!
Elijah and Sam have a journal that they will write/draw in each morning about the adventure from the day before. Our days will be mixed with personal interests and serving our community as best as 2, 4, and 6 years olds can. A few key adventures will include potty training Asher with a "potty party" at Chuck E. Cheese, celebrating Father's Day, and watching Toy Story 3! Though I am extremely type A and love a good plan, I'm actually excited about the spontaneity this brings and how our eyes will see each adventure differently.
Join us on our adventure. I will make mistakes and not everything will go according to plan, but that's what makes it discoveries, right?