5.03.15 {an adoption update}

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it's sunday afternoon/evening and court is just an evening's rest away.

our souls are at peace, yet expectant as we see our names once again on the causelist.

causelist 4.5.15

us. our lawyer. judge H.I.B.

this week has the probability of kleenex on hand and little mascara on eyes

and a plethora of celebrations that have been stored in my heart for some time now.

we've been fighting to the end and to taste victory seems possible.

thinking of victory...

A7 logo

one of the A7 families tasted victory this weekend as their court orders were uploaded and visible!


with permission from their momma, meet 3 of the 7!

Sonal Faith (age 12), Dhrasti Grace (age 8), and Mitiksha Hope (age 6). parents are Steve and Kristen.

you know when you walk closely with someone through very dark and hard days?

yes. well that's the two of us adopting mommas. but we've done so without ever meeting each other.

that's just how powerful prayer and the Holy Spirit are to unite hearts and breathe encouragement.

if i could look at you, my friends and blog readers, you would see how deeply grateful i am for your consistent prayers for all of these children and i hope seeing their faces is your faith being made sight in Jesus as they are now legally daughters of steve and kristen. {i'm overwhelmed at this truth.}

aren't they just the most beautiful?!

now pray for the other 4!

as i was reading the psalms this week, i read this passage:

"in Your majesty ride forth victoriously in the case of truth, humility, and justice;

let Your right hand achieve awesome deeds." 

if God can speak through a donkey, He can certainly speak through numbers.

i love that 7 is a perfect number and that's the number of children we are specifically fighting for in one courtroom.

so before i give the passage location away, here are the numbers:

family fighting for 2 girls is may 4.

family fighting for 1 boy is may 5.

we are fighting for 1 girl on may 4.

psalm 45.4.

with court closing down on may 16 for one month, we need some victories this week regarding all three cases still in court.

here's what i told these 3 other mommas:

claiming this verse through the rest of court. we are the 4 that feel the weight of this the most. therefore, let us not give up in the final days of praying against the enemy and for the Lord's victory. notice the passage: 45.4. our next court dates are julie 4th, amanda 5th, and me 4th. love each of you with a deep love that i've never experienced before. nothing compares to what we've been through together and Jesus is the sweetest to give us each other. oh how my soul pleads and hopes that we meet face to face on the very soil we have poured prayers over for the past 3 years.

i didn't share these words to them lightly this past week and i know i gain the strength to write them because of the vast army of you in this story with us and the Undefeated One.

so as you rest tonight, as you tuck your littles in, as you look at your calendar for the week, pause and lift a hand towards k's country and ask God to lavish courtroom 20 with victory!

here's what we know:

we are #4 on the causelist which will take place while we are sleeping tonight.

we should be able to see an updated webpage by monday morning.

if there is another court date listed, that means we go before the judge again.

we also want to pray that our in-country coordinator speaks with our lawyer about the monday hearing.

he can give more information than the webpage reports.

we are praying that the judge gives verbal orders and that the case will be disposed of.

once this happens, the court officials will write up the orders and post them on the webpage.

the written orders will be picked up by the lawyer and hand delivered to the orphanage director.

the orphanage director has to have the written orders to apply for k's passport.

and as always, i will update here once we have any information. 
this adoption love story grows more intense than my heart can handle,
what about you? but greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world!