4.07.15 {an adoption update}

IMG_0410 - Version 4  


we have confirmation that the judge has finished her training! hallelujah!

we have also learned that she was out sick on monday and did not hear one of the A7 cases.

{i'm guessing post-training sickness}

they have been rescheduled for wednesday {that's tonight, folks!}

this whole court process has been extremely unpredictable and hard.

our prayer is that she's better now and can hear this case on wednesday and can hear our case on thursday {that's wednesday night}

this will be the first time our case has legally been before judge HIB, although we had a hearing with a prior judge on 1.29.15.

we are praying for verbal orders to be given in these cases.

join us. invite others to pray. scoot to the edge of your seats!

may God release 4 of these children this week!

will update as soon as we know something.