no new news.

no old news for that matter.

the end.

you can click out of this post or throw it in the trash and get on with your day.

because how does life come from death anyways?

how can you bring something to past that has been denied?
how can resurrection happen on something that has been marked dead?

how do we humans hope for the best when everything that seemed promising is pulled out from under us,

leaving us breathless

feeling worthless

utterly helpless?


i'm being drastic. it's the woman in me.

i'm being realistic. it's the realist in me.

death was the issue of a denial of our year-long match to this beautiful orphaned girl.

with all intended purposes, our journey to bring k home came to a halt.

that was the first of february.

just this week, our family hit the two year mark of this adoption journey to bring k home.

everything humanly possible has been done. now the human task is to wait. and that often drives the human race mad. especially us who live attached to schedules, time, and calendars.

this denial is still in place and the only thing that will change that is for the same committee who said no, to have a change of heart and say yes.

the same committee who issued a denial, must be the same committee to issue us an approval certificate.

what is dead must be brought to life again.

i teeter on the fence between giving my heart completely away to this amazing little girl on the other side of the world who has a good chunk of my heart anyways...

to guarding my heart and keeping life moving on this side of the world because i must still function as a mom, wife, human-girl.

my heart is still beating for the life left in her.

it's when i shift my focus to a government-issued denial that life is instantaneously sucked out of me.

i must choose to focus on life. not death.

to focus on what God wants to accomplish, not what man seems to be hindering.

to verbalize to others that God is still into the life-giving, life-changing work and redemption of people.

that's where His involvement gets the most attention.

that's where He chose to display His greatest affection for all of mankind.

only God can speak life into something dead.

only God can speak truth to a heart He's created who is not even hearing His Name spoken out loud anywhere.

there is hope.

but only God can bring what's dead to life.

our adoption timeline:
our appeal letters continue to sit with this committee. 
our agency continues to reach out every other week to check on progress. 
our agency also lets our orphanage director know to convey to our little girl that we're fighting for her.
our family {with you standing with us} await for resurrection news.