a call to prayer...again.

i can't control it.

i can't understand it.

i don't get it.

but i dare not take matters into my own hands.

i relinquish all thoughts to Christ.

i keep my hope grounded in Him.

yet, we need you interceding for us. that's praying for K on her behalf.

here's the latest update:

our agency is very proactive in trying to move our adoption process along.

the orphanage director continues to have issues "come up" that is prolonging us getting K's referral.

our agency continues to be very cordial to him as to keep in good relationship.

we're still assuming the license will be renewed shortly and then he can mail K's referral to us.

no one knows his personality, his history, his work ethic. but we know we're not getting answers or movement.


he's on vacation.

when he returns, our agency will reach out again in hopes that he's ready to send her paperwork.

while he's on vacation:

we need him prayed over!  specifically.

whether it's a softer heart, an understanding of the adoption process, unity with him and CARA, a renewed passion to see children at his orphanage adopted, or a change, please pray for him.

then will you encourage our family's heart by "liking" this post on Facebook and we can collectively know that prayers are reaching the God of heaven and earth. let us know you're praying for the director.

we're so grateful we're not alone and that God delights in the prayers of His people.

He is able...