543 howard

"pastor ben, we trust you."

it was the comment given by one from our faith community
when ben shared the great news of permanent space for Epic
and asked for questions.
our first preview service (10.10.10) was a monumental moment.
our launch Sunday (2.13.11) was historic.
yet this Sunday (7.24.11) spoke trust.
i watched the faces of our leaders, then our church family, look at ben with anticipation for the news they waited all week to hear.
during the previews we saw a crowd.
during the launch we recognized faces that had been attending.
yet this Sunday we knew their stories. we have been in small group together. we have greeted together. we have worked Epic Kids together. we have served the city together.
ben shared the news with our faith family.
for as a church we have gone Sunday to Sunday at the w hotel, sometimes not having kid space, and sometimes being moved around.
as a church we have sought God collectively for permanent space.
space 24/7.
space for our kids every Sunday.
not only did God grant us space -
it's 2 blocks north of the w hotel.
it has 3 rooms for kids.
the large room sits about equal that of our large space at the w.
we have access to a kitchen.
we have nice restrooms.
we have a lobby in which to greet those who come.
He has provided.
we start august 21.
we have work to do til then in preparation for grand opening.
we have things to buy.
if you want to give, go to www.epicsf.com/543howard.
it would bless us tremendously.
yet in the busyness of this transition
we celebrate this milestone for our church.
He is to be praised.
He alone.