6.05.15 {an adoption update}


some days i'm just confronted with amazement of this incredible journey.

and these days baffle my mind at what God has done.

folks, only God could write this story. and i'm learning that He writes the best ones!

the intensity at times compares to last night's warriors vs. cavaliers basketball game!

and believe me, i've done all i can to take control and force the waiting and soothe the heartache of the unknowns.

it was a year ago that we still sat denied her.

it was a month ago yesterday that we were given verbal orders for kavita.

it was 8 months ago that ben started the visa process.

it was wednesday evening when he was granted one!


{taken july 2013, age 7}


 {taken may 2015, age 9, yes same setting!}

the freedom that exists between us and Almighty God as He invites us to join Him doesn't compare to anything else we can accomplish here on earth.

the past three years has been leading up to this.

 and we're getting geared up for it...the trip to bring kavita home!

then it's learning to be a family of 6. and there's so much packed into that statement!

and i'l continue to share our story here.

i had no idea when we started our pursuit of adoption that you'd follow so closely and pray so hard and love her like we do.

but what's amazed me in all of this is how you've drawn closer to God as you've seen God work and demonstrate His power and unending love. while our story is about to shift from waiting to receiving this gift of Kavita, you keep trusting God with the story He is writing for you.

your story is what makes this story so beautiful!

it's trust feeding trust.

it's hope infusing more hope.

it's God's way of showing us He is making all things new.

here's what's happening:

we are awaiting news that her passport has been received by the orphanage director. it's go time at that moment!

this news can come as early as any day next week!

we will then book airplane tickets and hotel and schedule appointments for medical and embassy.

so we're packing and getting home ready and enjoying every second with the boys.

you're invited to our adoption celebration this sunday, june 7 at 6 pm at our home.

you can RSVP here.

and don't forget to add your name to the prayer covering by leaving your comment on this post. we'll have it at the party for those who come to sign and it will make the trip with us!