i can't make this stuff up.

butterflies have been doing a number on my stomach.

it's been a "pins and needles" kind of a weekend.

an intensity has hit our adoption story and others on this journey like never before.

a collective voice has risen to the heavens to ask for a release of His children across the waters.

we have information that leads us to know that movement in the right direction is happening.

but, just as well, this irritates the snot out of the enemy.

i have wondered in the past 72 hours...

is God hearing me? does He care? is He distant?

through His written Word and His comforting voice through friends,

i know He hears. i know He cares. i know He is very near.

i read this morning of Abraham and tried to imagine what the journey up the mountain was like with his son, Issac, by his side.

he had to have savored those last conversations he had with him.

or was he greatly distracted with the task before him?

butterflies, guaranteed.

in his flesh, Abraham had to have wondered what God was up to.

yet he trusted and obeyed.

i want the same to be said of me.

i make this declaration today

despite what He gives or takes away, I want to have not faltered in my love and devotion to my God.

i will remain faithful through this trial. through this wait.

i will praise Him as i feel as if our case is on the altar.

butterflies returned and my insides churned this morning as we awaited a phone call.

the meeting that was supposed to happen on friday has been rescheduled.

what in the world?

what. in. the. world. is. going. on?

i see your eyes get big and shoulders fall down a bit. i get it.

we all take a deep breath and wonder.

He is such a mysterious God.

believe me when i write this, HE IS AT WORK.

i believe with all my heart that the enemy's tactics were thwarted yesterday.

thank you for praying.

here's what we know:

{i'm about to be very vague and it's driving me crazy that i can't just shout this full of details, but it's to protect all that's going on}

the rescheduled meeting will take place next week.

another substantially crucial conversation will take place just before that.

there are advocates on the ground conducting and speaking on our behalf.

ben says we have to lean in and continue to believe God has a plan for this.

you've got to be worn out from my on-going-no-update posts. i get it. it's wearing me out!

but if you're still committed to seeing K home,

if you can believe that God is powerfully and behind the scenes at work,

if you will still stand by us and fight,

then hang on!

the prayers this week have launched what will take place in the coming week!

our God hears us!

battle still wages.

we're still fighting against all odds.

yet, we remain hopeful in the Living God.

prayer points {again very vague, i know}:

health, safety, rest for the advocates

favor with those our advocates speak with

eyes opened to truth for all those involved

the NOC granted

for God to make clear a straight path for all adoptions to move forward


i made a statement to ben on our drive from new jersey to connecticut a few weeks ago.

he told me to claim it in the matchless Name of Jesus. i did.

the date i claimed is a day next week.

it's not magical. God doesn't work on formulas. this i know.

He just wants all of me to rely on all of Him.

butterflies again.

or is it His Spirit constantly stirring and prompting me to believe and hope?

friends, when we do those seemingly impossible things for God,

when we ask things of God that align with His heart and His Word,

it's heavenly activity in our heartbeats.

stay tuned.

stay in prayer, believing.

she's worth it.