7.09.14 {this is it}



this is it.

we are aware of some movement that has happened between last week and today

that shows God's compassionate and powerful hand upon this story. upon adoption in k's country.

want a taste?

the one who is advocating for us met k yesterday.

yes, she went to the orphanage!

she put her hand on her back.

yes, she touched this orphaned child!

she uttered a prayer over her.

yes, I can't even imagine the presence of God that was all over both of them!

especially precious k!

this advocate is now back in the capitol city

pulling her case together to fight for us and k.

10:30 am tomorrow in k's country is the meeting.

10 pm PST tonight.

11 pm MST tonight.

12 pm CST tonight.

1 am EST early in the morning.

join us in prayer. believing in the God of the impossible.

minds have to be completely changed for us to keep k.

it's down to this.

we will know something soon...


prayer meeting tonight at 830 pm at our home. all are welcomed.