we just got off the phone with our agency.

the meeting went well in that our advocate got to speak directly with the two directors that make the decisions.

however, one of the directors said that they have met twice since our denial in january and have continued to deny

our case based on k being older than our youngest. the committee also mentioned that we have three at home and though k

is considered special needs because of her age, she is a healthy child.

our advocate spoke about our home studies where our social worker approved us as a suitable family after spending time with us.

a moment happened in the meeting where our advocate believed brought the case back into consideration:

k still doesn't have a family.

k knows about us and believes we are her family who is coming to get her.

our advocate said her biggest concern was that k might not find a family at her age and to reconsider our family.

the director set up this plan:

the committee will call k's orphanage director.

if he has a family waiting on an 8.5 year old girl, who doesn't have 3 children at home and doesn't disrupt birth order,

then k needs to go be with that family.

if he doesn't have a family waiting on this specific referral and with this specific criteria,

then the committee would reconsider our family to be k's family.

this is not what we were expecting to hear today.

we have fasted and prayed and praised and sought God.

we grow sick in our stomachs knowing k waits day and night with no word. no movement.

the process is delayed again.

we wait on the committee to call the orphanage director.

then if there is a match, our case with k is closed.

if there is no match, our case goes back before this committee.

if she is rematched, then that family must go through all the steps that we have completed and that takes months.

you have stood in the waiting with us and it's as if the waiting will not end.