updates are always happy to give when the news is good.

we do not deny that patience grows thin as we have waited with uncertainty at times

and as we wonder what is taking place on the other side of the world.

but for the past few weeks we have seen progress and have been very busy with paperwork on our end.

mid-july we received the electronic copy of k's referral.

the hard copy was received in the mail last week. {mid-august}

we had to sign each page of the 16 page document.

then we had to get all 16 pages notarized.

after we took the boys to their first day to school {august 19}, ben and i made a quick trip to the state capital to get the referral apostilled {a seal by the secretary of state confirming the notary public that notarized our documents}.


we are filling out and making copies for the I-800. this is the paperwork needed for the us government to give k a visa to enter the united states when the time comes.

once this paperwork is approved, the united states embassy will send article 5 to CARA {central adoption resource authority}. this document will be added with our dossier and k's referral.

this week or the early part of next week, the signed, notarized, and apostilled referral should arrive to the orphanage in india.

the RIPA {orphanage director} will work with a lawyer to get our dossier and the referral into the hands of a regional committee that will meet for approval of the match.  this approval is called ARC. it's uncertain how often this committee meets and when.

this is a matter of prayer: pray that those involved will communicate well with each other and that the committee will meet very soon and agree favorably towards us and our match with k.

then our paperwork will be sent to CARA for review and approval. they will issue an NOC {no claims certificate}.

after that, our paperwork will go to the local court in the city where the orphanage is located.

upon their approval, k's passport is applied for!

this seems like 4 easy steps:



local court approval


we are still given a timeline of 8-12 months before we meet and bring home precious k.

i pray each step takes 2 months or less.

our middle son prays each step takes 2 weeks or less! {oh the faith of a child!}

pray that during the continued process that our hearts will be prepared for each other and that progress happens favorably and quickly. 

our family is also overjoyed to tell you that with every step we have been able to pay the necessary fees.

many of our family and friends have collectively given over $23,000. thank you.

we personally put in $9,000.

we only have $5,000 more to raise to see this adoption process complete.

if you want to help with the last bit to bring k home, you can give in two ways:

you can send a check made payable to

ben pilgreen

524 day street

 san fancisco, ca 94131

or you can give immediately through paypal

click here to donate online.

i'll be happy to write you soon with more updates.

we've so blessed to have you a part of the story of rescuing k from a life in an orphanage to a life with a forever family.

i can't wait for you to meet her one day!

until then, thanks for praying and giving.