as you journey with us to india and back, 
we want to share updates, stories, and prayer thoughts with you.

To date:
we have personally invested $8300.
You have invested $9200.
Total as of today: $17,500!
we need $18,500 more to fully fund this adoption.
you've blown us away this week by the generosity. 
thank you. 
you are a part of her story now.

if you're checking updates on wednesdays only, 
we've got to tell you what happened on thursday.
here's a recap from thursday's post entitled call:

we received a call yesterday from our adoption agency.
call confirming india has received our paperwork.
a call letting us know we could be weeks or even days away
from an orphanage assignment.

it is our understanding that india's central adoption agency hands out adoption paperwork to their national orphanages with no rhyme or reason. it's just the luck of the draw, so to speak. it's the next orphanage in line.

we call on you now.
our support. our friends. our family.
it might seem like happenstance from an earthly perspective, but we want the heavenly perspective.

once india assigns us an orphanage,
our daughter will come from within those walls.

will it be an orphanage in an urban or rural setting?
are there loving caregivers?
is the staff efficient and proactive in finding the best home for the children in their care?
does this orphanage have the resources and ability to respond quickly to move this process along?

it's a bold call to prayer, we are seeking.
join us now in interceding...

the orphanage assignment
 staff at the orphanage
favor with CARA (India's agency)
movement to continue with paperwork getting into proper hands
persons of peace along the way in places we can't even forsee

this story continues to show me how Great is our God.
to trust He is in control.
to confidently know He loves the orphans.
to put my hope in the One who not only orchestrates the sun to rise, but also orchestrates paperwork and conversations in another land. 

let us know you are calling upon God.
in faith, we are tapping into the heavenlies to see His Kingdom come to earth.
a miracle is in the works... 
He's inviting you to play a part with us.