what a week. 
one that required much on our end for the adoption process.
we anxiously awaited our marriage certificate back from georgia.
this should have been an easy document to acquire, but for whatever reasons, unbeknownst to us, it wasn't.

wednesday. not a day quite like it.
ben strategically planned the day.
- older boys to school
- cash out of atm to pay for the day's expenses
- wait for ups to open
- 10 documents notarized, marriage license sent again to georgia, this time overnighted at extra expense
- find parking among bail bond businesses 
- security check at main police station
- hear man next to us name all the reasons why he's on probation
-grateful we aren't that man
- mobile notary we booked strolls in like mary poppins, but with a rolling suitcase
- 3 minutes over our 30 minutes of parking that 
accrues another $5

what a week.

we have personally invested $8,311.
you have given to date $15,139.
total to date is $23,450.
shukhriya. (hindi for thank you.)

tuesday, ben drove to sacramento to get all documents 
apostilled at the capital.
last night, shauna made 365 copies just before office max closed the doors behind her.
today, the paperwork is completed, notarized, apostilled, copied, and being mailed to AWAA in Virginia.

what a week.
what a God.

"It is good to give thanks to the Lord,
    to sing praises to your name, O Most High;to declare your steadfast love in the morning,  and your faithfulness by night..." [Psalm 92.1-2]