how long must you wait?
what's the time frame you've been given?
when will you hear from the orphanage?
how old will she be?
when do you think you'll travel?
will she speak english or hindi?

3 months.
6 months.
one year.
all unknowns.
one to two years.
that's a guess.
0-7 and any age between.
maybe needs a crib.
maybe needs bed rails.
maybe needs a backpack.
we don't know. 
we have little answers.
we do what any other adoptive parent would do,
we google the orphanage.
we read other adoption stories.
we try not to compare our timeline with theirs, 
but we hope for the best like our friends in the process.

how long will we wait? 
we will wait for God's perfect timing.
for His orchestration and movement of people, places, circumstances to bring about His best for our little girl becoming a part of our family.

we will wait.
and in the waiting, we stay active in the praying.
in the fasting.
in the trusting that God is actively at work 
preparing us for her and her for us. 

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