A Colorado Christmas

Though I am a writer, I find it impossible to sum up a week with my family in Colorado. We traveled by van through the lonely state of Kansas while the rest of the Malcoms came by plane. Embassy Suites, not a ski lodge, was our destination and skiing wasn't our mission; simply enjoying the outdoors and one another.

Sledding down Hidden Valley in Rocky Mountain National Park. Elijah must have carried his sled up the slope and ventured down at least 30 times. The other two, well, a few runs was enough for them! The greatest picture was seeing Mimi ride with Natalie and Pops ride with Elijah. Once was enough for them!

On our way out of the park, we saw many elk. Then we enjoyed Estes Park for dinner.

After a day outdoors, the indoor pool and hot tub were refreshing.

ELijah ice skated for the first time with the help of Aunt Natalie in Fort Collins. Then on to our favorite pizza place on earth: Beau Jo's! Best mountain pies! Yum!

The guys took a day trip to Denver and ate well and toured the Denver Broncos stadium. That night, us girls, enjoyed a "White Christmas" at a local dinner theatre. Oh, how we could quote with them and sing right along, if we weren't laughing, that is!

Okay, so I was able to write a little... I think I speak for the rest of the Malcom family in saying we have just started a new family tradition. Forget the gift cards and presents under the tree! Let's use that money for an annual Christmas adventure that we'll never have to return and won't be forgotten!