A glacier, a strange moment, and a caribou!

We set off for another adventure today. We saw Portage Glacier and with each snow-capped mountain, I continued to be amazed at God's wonder. We toured a conservation and saw bears, moose, caribou, musk oxen, porcupine, and bison. But the moment that will forever stand out took place in a waterfront village called Whittier. To make a very long story short, there was nothing opened in the town. The only way into the village was through a 2.5 mile tunnel through the mountain. Once we got through the tunnel literally closed down and we could not leave the town for an hour and a half. We drove up to an apartment building and saw a man who had just killed a bear who had attempted to break into his home. He shot him in the head and the bullet came out through the mouth. It was incredible to see. However, the entire time in the town seemed like a horror film. We felt trapped and had no way to escape. It was completely desolate except for the man who killed the bear! When the tunnel door opened we were happy to go through! We can only imagine what tomorrow will hold!