A Good-Smelling Thought: More People, Less Chores

I always keep a notepad handy as I sip my cup of coffee and read my Bible in the mornings. Presently, I also burn my Autumn Leaves candle, but that has nothing to do with the story except that it made it into the title. Just want you to know that I like an ambient feel in the early morning hours.
Anyway, as thoughts come to mind, which are mostly things to do, I jot them down. This way I don't forget them and the thoughts don't distract me as I read.
After I had jotted down a few notes, I stopped myself.
I looked back over my list.
Could it be?
Sadly, this had never happened before.
It still troubles me that it has never happened before, yet I will be an optimist and hope that it will continue to happen more and more.
What had I written down? Not 'things to do,' but people's names.
For the planner and type A personality, this caught me off guard.
I get so wrapped up in what I have to get done, rather than who I need to see.
Yet, today was different.
I won't list names for their sake, but my list looked like this:
my neighbor across the street
a teenager I am mentoring
a girl who's getting married soon
girls on or connected with Epic staff
a friend who is lonely

My list still had to do with what I was going do with the names, yet the list was about people and not about chores. It was about
setting up a playdate
emailing questions to discuss in person
praying for a marriage that is about to begin
planning a night out with friends
writing an encouraging note.

I, more than anyone else, know how to write a to-do list. Believe me.
I am the person that writes things down just to check them off.
It bothers me that I'm this way.
But by Wednesday at 11 am I've completed my weekly list!
[this is the part where you laugh]
I share this to say God is working in me and I am seeing the breakthrough.
My life should be about people.
Chores are gonna happen...at least in this house.
I want to make time for relationships. Now more than ever.

More people, less chores.
Shauna Pilgreen