a story {just one more, momma}

just one more, momma

{written to my mom with love for the many nights she held and rocked me.}

each night it was routine. the television was turned off, my teeth were brushed, and our family time had come to a close, except with momma. it was the most precious time of the day.

the girl who had hurt my feelings, the bad grade i got on my math test, the milk that i had to drink for dinner that wasn’t sitting well, and the worries of tomorrow escaped my mind as momma motioned for me, while saying, “your turn, sugabuga.”

that’s what momma called my sisters and me. they had already had their turns with momma and now i had her all to myself. the trick was to go last so i could stay up longer. i would lay on momma and daddy’s bed waiting my turn. their bed was the softest of all.

but nothing in the world compared to being lost in momma’s arms. it was the greatest feeling! all i had to do was lift my arms before i was swept up onto her light pink nightrobe. God made us the perfect fit the way i would nestle just under her chin and curl up with extra room left on her lap.

she would rock me back and forth in her wooden rocker stroking my hair, kissing it every other rock. it wasn’t the soothing rhythm that was the sweetest. it was her beautiful voice. she always asked for my requests, songs that was.

her voice would echo in my heart that would calm every fear in me. as i fought to stay awake, momma would kiss my forehead once more while saying, “good night, shauna.”

i didn’t want to giver her up yet, knowing i would meet momma again in this rocking chair tomorrow night. i would resist while saying, “just one more, momma.” by which she would reply, “okay, just one more.”

written april 2001



and now i have rocked all three of my children and plan on rocking one more one day.

we do become our mothers, taking on a part of them. whether we are mothers or not.

i've said it to myself a time or two. really, a thousand times or two.

"i sound just like my mother!"

"that is so my mom!"

what do you do that is your mom?

what is something instilled in you because of your mom?


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