our family - me, ben, elijah, sam, and asher have the capacity to love another. 

two of our said purposes as a family are to share our joy-filled home and to embark daily on this faith adventure.

so once again, hand in hand, all five of us, step out in faith to pursue the heartbeat of God. 

His heart beats passionately for the orphans.

mine and ben’s hearts are heavy and stirring.

in prayerful obedience we pursue adoption.

with our three boys at our side we trust God.


a girl.

american world adoption


we seek to do for this child what God has done through Christ for us all - He calls us His very own.

we seek to pour into her life, to invest in her life.

we seek to love her as our own. 

we seek to give her a home within our home. 

to invite her in as family. as our daughter.

for me, i long to embrace the honor of nurturing this precious girl to know her value and worth in Jesus Christ.

for ben, he looks forward to seeing her respond to being loved to pieces by all 5 of us. he can’t wait to be a dad to this sweet princess.

for our boys, they are happy to have another sibling. to have a Pilgreen girl. to teach her baseball. to demonstrate kindness delicately.

many uncertainties encompass this journey.

many what ifs. 

we’ve never pursued adoption. this is a first.

india is a pilot program for awaa. 

they have unanswered questions.

how long?

how old will she be?

what is her story as of now?

our story together is infused with faith.

faith that she has someone who loves her deeply and is coming for her.

faith that we will pursue God’s heart daily as He directs our steps towards her.

we live on different continents today.

but soon, our lives will be shared under one roof. 

until then, we invite you into the story.

you’ve walked with us in prayer and support to start a church in san francisco. 

He’s been faithful.

walk with us some more. to india and back.