Asher is three! (on December 19th!)

Asher is three...
how can this be?
Just the other day he turned one.

[Asher's 1st birthday at the Allens in Louisiana]

And as the 'baby' of our family, we knew we were done.
Which means we are soaking in each and every year,
especially these toddler ones which are passing by too fast, we fear.

[Asher in his favorite swing at Sequiota Park in Missouri]

If you didn't know, Asher's name is Hebrew for blessed and happy.
And that name fits him to a 't'.

[Asher ready to go to the lighting of the Christmas Tree in San Francisco]

Asher loves his trains and baseball.
So much so that you hear him saying "Uribe" as he wakes from down the hall.
And we rearrange his train tracks every day,
Giving Toby and Thomas all new ways.

In celebration of Asher turning 3,
we treated him to a train ride on Saturday.

We enjoyed Mickey Mouse pancakes and way much more,
then came back home for presents galore!
A baseball bat.
A baseball hat.
A Giants jersey and a big boy booster seat.
And a birthday book from mom
that he will get on his birthday in one week.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!