barefoot {how to stand and wait}

when the rug is pulled out from underneath you.

when the phone conversation causes your heart to stop beating.

when you feel stripped of purpose.

when you wonder what you are supposed to be doing.

that's the most clear sign that you're not in control.

but greater is the One who is.

it's in the stripping and standing barefoot on the floor that once had a rug

where you return to the skeleton of who you really are.


you look first to see that indeed you are still breathing. still living. though sometimes you even wonder about that.

the breathing becomes prayers of gratitude for you are at the simplest, happy to be rendered life.

yet the every other breaths plead for God's nearness.

"but as for me, the nearness of God is my good. i have made the Lord God my refuge that I may tell of all His good works ." {Psalm 73.28}

this verse meant something to me before. a friend even made it into a jewel i can wear around my neck. oh boy oh boy. His nearness now is what i reach for as if tangibly holding tight to such.

barefoot on the hardwood floor i stand. and certainly not because i was hoping this moment would come.

i'd much prefer to be snug in my slippers, warm and fuzzy.


but if i'm going to wait, i'm going to wait expectantly.

bare to the toes.


emptied of myself.

surrendered to Jesus, not the circumstance.

wiggly feet at times growing impatient.

cold soles for bare brings

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chills when stripped of warm fuzzy slippers.



planted on the ground.

the foundation that is more stable than i.

hence the reason God calls Himself the Rock.

He's a sure anchor, a steady support.

and somehow, some way, with our fingers barely clinging to Him or our entirety being central on the Rock,

we become a part of His character - steadfast.

that's how i stand and wait.


doing all i can, trusting God with all i am, for Him to do His glorious, victorious part.

"rejoice in hope

be patient in tribulation

be constant in prayer"

- romans 12.12

Hidden in the Holy Scriptures, we are told to hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. {Hebrews 10.23}

patience is not my strong suite, and i'm guessing the same for much of humankind.

but i wait best when i believe that He has the best plans for me.

{and that i can wait in the shelter of His wings. that's helpful.} {Psalm 61.4}

a sign you're barefoot is to notice your breathing. in and out breathes are in sync with words that only God hears and understands.


that's what i'm doing barefoot on my floor today...

rejoicing in hope

being patient in tribulation

constant in prayer.

take those shoes off and be bare. foot. when you pray.

my barefoot prayers as a printable here.