Beach Blast, Laguna Beach, Florida

Ben was privileged to speak to two youth groups at Beach Blast Retreat at Laguna Beach, Florida. One was our former church, Calvary Baptist in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Mimi came from Georgia to help out with the boys and spend more time with us. She was greatly appreciated. This freed Ben up to hang with the students and leaders and for Shauna and the boys to enjoy beach and pool time.
It was great to see our former college students serving as youth interns. We were able to visit with Robert and his family and see how fast these students are growing up. 11 students were baptized in the Gulf of Mexico Sunday morning. Glory to God!
Elijah couldn't get enough of the ocean and pool. He was water-logged by night time. Sam sculpted all kinds of things in the sand, was grossed out by the seaweed and thought it was sea-boogers! Asher despised the texture of the sand and had to be wondering why on earth we would stand him on a vast amount of it! He soon grew to like it and taste it too.
Shauna and Mimi had some adult conversation in between pool and beach and meals and bedtime. Thanks, Mimi for coming on our crazy, but memorable adventures!