the beauty of our city lies in the parks, green space, waters, forests.
the work comes in getting to them.
some days i say they are in our backyard
but reality is you must go to them.

crissy field is on the other side of our city -
in the bay's shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge.

it's swampy where the waters have flooded and receded from the bay,
creating fields to play, beach to explore, and paths to bike.

with the boy's practice of bikes from the island earlier this summer
we rented bikes from the sports basement
$5 for 4 hours.
that's a bargain anywhere.

training wheels attached to build the boy's confidence.
asher rides on back.
he had it easy, but wished to time.

adventure is all around us in the city.
it is ours to explore.

and when it's our adventure, it is ours for the deciding.
so we picnicked.
we rested our legs.
we stared at the bay.

the boys will choose adventure every day.
it's me, who must lay aside the necessary mundane like
laundry, cleaning, and the like to get out and go to them.

laundry i will always have. my adventures with the boys, it is short.