it's how we describe our 10.5 years of marriage.
holding hands.
looking out into the unknown.
figuring out we can't do it on our own - nor want to do it on our own.
yet crazily and desperately we walk by faith
and with every glad we have!

we stopped to celebrate our 10 years
in cancun

with our best friends, dan and meredith

at an all-inclusive resort, which we highly recommend!
[it took some getting used to the free mexican cokes in our mini fridge in the room!]

the trip was paid off months in advance which made the stay all the more enjoyable.

not much on the agenda each day.
just relaxing and romancing.

simply reading and lounging.

indoor or out.

quiet time seemed sweeter as I didn't rush to speak and took time to listen.

time stood still.
"what time is it?"
"who cares?"
"quarter after something!"

we enjoyed room service for breakfast

drinks around the pool with excellent service

swimming in the pool while looking out at the gulf

spotting Brett Favre and his wife at our resort

reading and 'twilighting'

ben could be still only so long -

i could for too long.
so together, we went out on the boats

by himself he competed

and won the ping-pong tournament.

and got a spa certificate instead of tequila - which we were far more grateful for.
just another reason to relax.

the spa had several pools, cabanas, hot tubs, and massages, of course.

back to competing. mini-golf.

bocci ball.

and when we weren't competing and lounging, we were eating.

choosing from one of 6 restaurants for dinner was our toughest decision of the day.
the guys made the plan.

the girls enjoyed dressing up.

our favorite meal? sushi.

for several years, the four of us have ventured out and tried new kinds.
this was awesome to try so many new kinds for free!
we got to know the chefs well...

...and oscar, the maitre-de.
he found it quite amusing that we would start with sushi
and end up at another restaurant for the main meal
and yet another restaurant for dessert!

speaking of dessert...favorite was chocolate souffle at El Patio.
i think we had it 4 nights!

the staff would go above and beyond in service.
they once overheard our conversation of coke floats and went out of their way to bring us one.

by the end of the week, we knew the mariachi band well, the servers at the restaurants,
and our favorite item on each menu.

when we think of our trip, we definitely think of the food and the moments to relax,
but we also cherish the uninterrupted time to reconnect with each other and the long talks of our dreams and the future together.

we would stay up late playing cards, farkle, and mad gab with dan and meredith -
ordering room service, drinking our mexican cokes, and laughing so hard it hurt.

i believe God desires that we encourage and walk alongside other couples to build stronger and healthier marriages. we are blessed to do so with dan and meredith.

when people ask about our trip, i say
i didn't deserve it, but am grateful for it.

we returned to our boys recharged and ready to pour into their lives a better example of a godly marriage. for that is a legacy we desire to leave each of them.