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ONE life to live {an only God story}

A tweet one Sunday afternoon, particularly caught Ben’s attention. He reached out to the writer and they met over coffee. {common to meet over coffee} Ben got to know Alan Clayton’s story. Alan comes and goes across the pond between his homeland of Ireland, the United States, and Asia for business. {common} When he’s here in San Francisco, he comes to Epic.{becoming more common} He’s come over to our home for dinner. He’s a part of a small group. {Note: No matter how long or short your stay in a place, plug into a church community and small group.}

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adenoids {an only God story}

why did the chocolate chip cookie go to the doctor? because he was feeling crummy.

that's all that asher remembered before he dozed off and skipped into lala land while the doctor removed his adenoid.

ben and i took turns sitting with him in the recovery room, patiently waiting for him to wake up. a sweet nurse stayed by his side for a better part of an hour taking notes and ready to take care of him when he woke. ben was walking around outside with kavita for she was uncomfortable in the recovery room.

i had nothing to do but wait. asher rested peacefully. so when the nurse looked up, why not engage in some conversation?

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sweaty palms {an only God story}

wide open space. it felt good to see the kids take off in sprints. the park was absent of sidewalks and intersections and traffic. the soft ground was a comfort to our souls that were accustomed to concrete. we'd only lived in san francisco for 10 months and our church plant was only weeks old. the city was still fresh and new and our family was experiencing many firsts.

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