chapter 14 {coming home}

we just received a call from the embassy.

we've been cleared and can pick up kavita's passport with visa this afternoon!

with all the glitches that are affecting all US visas globally, this is a miracle!

we rejoice and thank you for your prayers and cheers!

we're going to enjoy our last day in india before resting and packing this evening.

we leave hotel at 1 am!

flight is at 4 am!

more about airport celebration from our friend lindsey lee...

ben, shauna, and kavita will return to san francisco on wednesday, june 24.

flight info: emirates 225 coming in from dubai. scheduled to land at 115 pm.

it's the 9th longest non-stop flight in the world at this time.

taking us right over the north pole!

everyone is invited to the "welcome home kavita" celebration at the airport.

 here's how the airport celebration will work:

they will update their flight status on the journey home right here on the blog or through facebook.

look for me as i will be coordinating and containing the party.

feel free to make signs and bring balloons!

the pilgreens will have a special moment with their three sons as they meet their sister for the first time.

you are certainly invited to look on. then they will gladly give you some attention before they head home.

please observe a "look but no touch" policy as they will keep her close to them, but certainly want her to see how deeply loved she is.