chapter 16 {she's all covered}


this child has been covered longer than we have known her.

her heavenly Father has never taken His eyes off of her.

ben and i have voiced a time or two the past few days that we have not been able to process all that we have touched and witnessed in the flesh, but we are in awe that this is real.

last june we were denied.

this june we are united.

she's all covered.

as soon as we could, we went to the u.s. embassy. ben entered through security and came back to the car in 15 minutes with this beauty!


the tightly sealed packet is for customs on u.s. soil, the pretty envelope he is holding? officer said, "ours forever!"

it's the hague adoption certificate! plus her passport with a visa stamped inside!

folks, she's coming to america!

kavita will be a u.s. citizen in a few short hours when we walk through immigration at the sfo airport.

she's covered!




then we got our hands covered!


something i've wanted to do with my daughter.





we did some shopping at the dilli haat and all i could sing was "sweat drops are running down my legs" to the tune of raindrops are falling on my head!


ben helped her with some gold bangles and she is so proud of an english alphabet book she picked out.


we enjoyed a good last meal before going to sleep a few short hours before boarding a few planes taking us about 24 hours to get home.




it's been so fun and the days have gotten sweeter as we learn and bond.

but as we rest, we want to thank you for covering us in prayer.

this prayer covering has traveled the world and so have your prayers.


see you soon.

with a new little american citizen!

a very prayed for american citizen!