chapter 23 {capacity to learn}

home for 2 months. home for forever.

some days it feels short. other days it feels like always.

kavita hope goes non-stop in processing her new world.

some days are heavier than others in learning english, our family and the culture.

those days are filled with lots of questions and touches and curiosities and discoveries.

other days are observation days. taking it all in through a much quieter, contemplative way.

the curious days are definitely the more popular!


this daughter of ours is adding dozens of new words and concepts per day.

"ocean blue?"

"can be ocean red?"

"some day?"

"after saturday?"

asher says, "oh my!"

kavita replies, "who's Oh My?"

my favorite is "beauty sleeping" for Sleeping Beauty.



i remember in the first few weeks we would pretend to have a tea party with a plastic tea set. the concept of "pretend" was not there. we looked really strange to her as we "sampled" cookies and drank our "tea!"

now she's leading the tea parties and making construction paper food for tingley and bear.


in the world of getting caught up, she's had her first dental visit and pediatric appointment.

she's begun to get immunized and loved the watermelon flavor at the dentist.

we've got a plan moving forward as we work with the dentist and endodonist to repair some teeth and clean out cavities.

the first doctor's visit was's just not the last one! we've got blood work to do so we can establish a baseline for her and her health.

so i'm thankful that she's at home with me this year as we do school together, get in all the necessary appointments, and restore what was lost in her childhood.


she began to pray and  i'm learning all over again that modeling proceeds action.

"thank You God."

"thank you God. gifts. family. mom. dad. elijah. sam. asher. friends."

so we pray and we sing...

[audio m4a=""][/audio]

i thank God that while it was a long 3 year journey for us and for her, Kavita's heart was protected and her desire to grow through hardship and beyond an institutionalized way of life is amazing.

she wants more.

she wants all life has to offer.

and she's learning that God is the giver of such.

she's also learning she can talk to Jesus anytime...not just at bedtime.

so while she, myself, and asher were playing the board game, sorry, and she wasn't drawing a 1 or 2 to move her pawn out off start, she prayed, "Jesus, please 1 or 2, please Jesus!"