chapter 8 {our first 24 hours}



so much to say, but not much time to say it. i will try to write a post once we are in delhi. kavita is bonding well to both of us. she smiles all the time and is letting us help her. she loves holding our hands and her accessories. she's meticulous about everything! more on those cute things later!

these photos are from thursday as we ventured out to Ghandi's compound and museum and to a shop nearby.












and enjoy this video compiled by praise. entitled kavita + dad!

[video width="640" height="360" mp4=""][/video]



we head to delhi today. we would appreciate your prayers as i am not feeling great and as kavita experiences so many new things today from airport to airplane to security to different hotel to a new city for all of us. she only knows her backpack and thinks everything she has used thus far needs to go in it. pajamas, toothpaste, books, and her doll. she doesn't understand that all the suitcases are going with us and that the hotel towels stay here. it's a brand new world looking at life through her eyes.

also continue to pray over her visa appointment. we still have tickets to head home on wednesday but won't know until monday if that will change or not. would love to come home then, but are prepared to stay until friday. in all of this, i pray, God do what is necessary and best.

thank you so much for being on this journey with us to bring kavita home.