chapter 9 {getting to know her}

these days together, just the three of us, in her land, we won't get back. we are grateful for each moment here, no matter how hard or sad or incredibly joyful.



she loves her accessories. bangles and bracelets, including the one Sam made out of rainbow looms. she has a certain way she combs her hair and this new mom to a girl...well, i combed it the first night and she graciously let me, but extreme bedhead the next morning! after i watched her do it from then on, it's clearly she's got this down and i've got much to learn!


she loves to color. janet, we take your mickey mouse coloring book everywhere we go.

she gets dressed the moment she wakes up.


ben and i cannot explain how orderly and meticulous she is. we are both organized, but her standard might be unachievable. things have to be put away instantly.

she loves chocolate ice cream, mango, pizza, vegetable sandwiches, and all the veggie indian dishes she's been served.


she loves her doll and last night after she took her bath, she got the doll ready and we gave her a bath in the sink. she has named her doll, tingly, by the way.


we learned from her through our friend M that she has had our family photo book since the beginning, january 2014. she told M that she has looked at it every morning and has kept it stowed away in her school backpack. it's still so well taken care of. but we're learning...that's her!

at the airport food stand, we asked, "samosa or sandwich?" to which she clearly replied in english, "sandwich!"

we've cried with her after her TB test, knowing it was no longer the shot that was hurting, but her heart. the grieving is necessary.

we love this little girl so much! and we think she's kinda liking us!