chapters {how we're going to record the journey to india and back}

chapters so you can read the story in order.

i'm just getting you and i ready for what's ahead of us very soon!

we've waited 3 plus years for this moment in time and it's as if i'm releasing a book or we've just been given tickets to a movie premiere. and you've waited for this too! while i want to soak in every sight and sound and take in the details of our daughter, i want you to see what we see and for your hearts and souls and minds to be overwhelmed with the God who has made this faith sight. overwhelmed by the God who sees and cares and loves us relentlessly!

with a 12 1/2 hour time difference from san francisco to india, we'll be posting while you're sleeping and while you're reading, we'll be sleeping!

this way, if you've missed a post, it will be easy to catch up based on the chapter you last read.

all updates will be here. there are no guarantees they will make it to facebook or instagram, so make sure you are subscribing.

if you are subscribing to the blog, then you will be the first to know about the next chapter! Search the blog “chapter” then “number” to follow the story…there are a total of 25 chapters!



remember our dear friend, praise, who's coming along to photograph the story? it will be very evident that she's doing the spectacular photography and i'm doing the writing with emotional, sleep-deprived gittyness.

so if you're new to our story, you've come to the cherry on the top part.

and if you've been here a while, it's that end of the movie scene when everything is made right.

 i want to thank you for your prayers. they have sustained us and go with us.

 this prayer covering we are taking with us that is full of beautiful people who have carried us and covered her.



continue to pray. we are on pins and needles waiting for her passport. we have much before us with travel, customs, appointments and paperwork in country. kavita has mere days left in the orphanage with friends and caregivers she has known for the past 4 years. we are grateful you are with us still.