the scene was set.
God was at work in the eunuch's life.
Philip was prompted to go to a certain area.
the eunuch had been to worship and was back in his chariot.
reading. wondering. stuck.

God would so choose to use Philip. 
it would have eternal implications.

and the Spirit said to Philip,
 "go over and join this chariot."
acts 8.28

in our community, people are coming to worship.
people are trying and wanting to apply and follow through.
God wants to use me to
 "go over and join this chariot"
 that is before me. 

to walk alongside others.
to learn His Scriptures together.
to live it out practically.
to be accountable with one another. 

maybe they need an invite to worship...

maybe they're pondering spiritual matters...
maybe they're stuck...

where is the chariot in my community?
who's in the chariot?
will i be obedient to the Spirit's prompting?

for Philip and the eunuch it had eternal implications.


truth is, any prompting by the Spirit has eternal implications.

a 'hello' to the neighbor

a meal to a hurting friend

a note in the mail to that person 
that you can't get off your mind

a prayer in the midnight hours

an aching burden for your city 

let's go over and join that chariot...