early on
our children know that we're a team.
a family.
we get far more done when we work together
and do our part.
it's the marvelous.
the getting to pitch in rather than
the i'm just the kid mentality.
what's expected?
bedrooms tidy to start the day.
pajamas in the drawers put away.
backpacks assembled by the door
count out vitamins, then help mom some more.
help get meals to the table.
clean up your area when done.
before you move on to the next thing,
make sure what you played with finds a home.
what we consider a chore?
putting clothes away
 [morning: pjs and evening: clothes]
one is in charge of overseeing the cleaning of the garage
[he cleans up his part and gets the others to clean up theirs]
one is in charge of overseeing the cleaning of the play closet
[he picks up the toys he got out and gets others to do the same]
bathrooms weekly
[one cleaning wipe for the sink and faucet
one cleaning wipe for the many lids of the toilet
scrub brush the inside of the toilet]
sorting laundry
[carry hamper in their room to the laundry area 
and sort darks and lights]
kitchen help
[setting the table, unloading the dishwasher, cooking]
we know what our children are capable of and they are typically capable of more than we ask of them.
what are chores to you and me are fun tasks to them.
start young.
empower your children to believe they are making 
a difference at home.