it's christmas time in the city!
last year we spent most of the christmas holiday with family in the south. this year we spent it with family in the city.

 [mccords on christmas eve with big breakfast and gifts]

[first christmas eve service at epic]

[homemade stitched ornament elijah made at school]

[christmas at our apartment]

[note, cookies and carrots - a pilgreen tradition]

[waking up and ready to fly down the stairs. we had to wake up the boys for me and ben were growing impatient at 730 am]

["what? these stockings were empty last night!?"]

[star wars episode I]

[sf giants nutcracker]

 ["you're telling me we got sf giants tickets?!"]

 ["yeah. i know this was empty when i went to bed last night."]

[aunt nat gifted the boys with her childhood baseball collection]

 ["this is gonna be awesome!"]

 ["bring it on!"]

[a fun addition to our new home on the back deck]

as if gift giving wasn't enough for the five of us, we were blessed this Christmas to receive a new home in the neighborhood where the boys go to school.
we moved the day after Christmas.
plus, on our flight back to california, american airlines needed 5 people to take a later flight giving each of us $300 vouchers to use this year!